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I like to tell stories! To paint pictures with words so lucid and alive that the listener could see the space and time, be there, in the story, almost physically perceiving the details as well as the circumstances surrounding the story. How great it is when I am able to touch something inside of the listener that is relevant to their own life. Adding value!

In my role as a professional person I am often standing in front of people trying to reach them with a message but also to learn from them in lively interchange. About a year ago some friends encouraged me to tell stories from my life from a stage. The seed was growing and when I met Jan Eric Ström, a musician who has been kissed by the muses of music the contours of a performance gave birth to itself. Together, he and I mixed my stories with his music and his poetic texts and we started to feel that we have come up with a show that leaves people amused and thoughtful. A premier at Solgården in Maglehem evolved into a performance at Victoriateatern in Malmö A show that mixes storytelling, music, poetry and laughter going pretty far out on the limb. To give further depth to the performance, I am now working with a Russian actress, Elena Alexandrova, who helps me to understand the stage from which to deliver the message with full impact. Two more performances are being scheduled so, please stand by for more details.


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